In march 2016 my life started to change, I developed a chronic pain disease that left me unable to work.

I have always LOVED music,I used to express myself through dance but i am unable to do so now so I decided to pick music back up.

I continued to do it just for fun up until i had the courage to put them on soundcloud,Nothing happened for well over a year but i keep at it i didn't care i just enjoyed what i was doing.


I had a very small following of 37 for a VERY LONG TIME so i decided to do a few promotions to help me along the way after doing a few promotions things,Started to happen for themselves. 

    I kept making and posting and people kept following which is a very rewarding feeling.


I started to develop quite a strong fan base so i kept in contact with The followers & continued to grow my following.


Started talking to other artists getting feedback and taking it all on board.


              that's when everything changed people started to repost comment share and like my music & you could see that it wasn't stopping there on xmas day i had close to 6000 plays in 24 hours :O RIGHT!! i couldn't believe what i was looking at! 


          NYE morning 2017 i woke up.....you know as you do so were off to a good start im              alive all is well sit down roll around in coffee check emails and soundcloud.....I opened a message that read as follows


"I really like your music,Are you interested in distribution this is is not a cheesy sales pitch. There is money to be made let's talk more in depth on your plans for your future music career. We should plan a Skype or a FB Message you decide. I definitely want to market your music Get back to me ASAP."


literally got out of my chair & made another coffee in the one i hadn't finished because i couldn't believe what i was reading. 

Sat there for about a hour in shock, prior to getting this message he had mastered my track & i love it it sounded so so good & the day after that was when i got this & i was so so so happy i mean what a way to start he new year, i never intended for anything like this to happen i just really wanted to affect people with my sound.

 So here i am after my first song release trying to take it all in,we worked together for a while after the first two songs we decided to take it to a whole new level and go all out and do my first EP i mean i've got nothing to lose right? 

 continued to make music but pursuing it on my own now so I'vei hope that one day all this hard work will pay off but i also hope that you experience what i felt when making my songs i hope it brings you joy & i hope that you have a wonderful year ahead.

So until next time friends.

Nations Lost.




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